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Backup Solution Designed for the Mobile Workforce Protect corporate data anytime, anywhere & on any device

The rise of the mobile workforce has led to less IT visibility into critical business data, and more potential for data loss and breach. Druva inSync puts control back in IT’s hands with integrated tools for protecting and governing data across multiple operating systems, networks, and devices while providing a seamless end user experience.

Lightning Fast Backup with Huge Data Savings

inSync’s patented global deduplication delivers high-speed, lightweight backups, saving up to 80% on storage and bandwidth — leaps and bounds over any other mobile data backup technology.

  • Global deduplication produces smaller, faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users
  • HyperCache ensures scalable, high-speed, efficient data exchanges between thousands of endpoints and server
  • High-performance backup saves up to 80% bandwidth requirements, delivering data protection across any network

Backup Across All Your Devices

inSync delivers a unified data governance and availability solution that ensures your critical data is protected wherever it resides.

  • Continuous backup protects data on corporate-issued devices or BYOD
  • Persona Backup preserves personal settings for easy managed OS migration or device reprovisioning
  • Immediate access to data from any device minimizes downtime and maximizes user productivity


Protect Against Ransomware

You can’t prevent a ransomware attack, but you can protect against it. Automated time-indexed snapshot backups of data can minimize the impact of ransomware on an organization. Information can be restored back to its original state and allows an infected machine to be returned to any point in time prior to the attack – just like going back in time!

  • Automated time-indexed snapshot backups with granular backup schedules up to every 5 mins
  • Complete data protection designed for all endpoints, including laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets, and cloud applications, such as Office 365, Box and Google Apps for Work
  • Ensure successful backups and restores, even on varying network speeds, with zero impact to users

Unreliable Connectivity? We Have You Covered.

Designed for the mobile workforce, inSync is optimized to ensure successful backups and restores, even on varying network speeds, with zero impact to users.

  • Multi-threaded backups and restores efficiently use available bandwidth and deliver high-speed data transfers
  • Auto-resume ensures data is transferred without starting over, eliminating frustration and keeping data protected
  • Network settings enable IT to configure what types of networks can be utilized to provide optimal service

End User Satisfaction and Productivity

Backups shouldn’t disrupt your users’ work experience or cause them to disable the service because it’s intrusive. inSync runs silently and delivers immediate data access to maximize productivity.

  • Configurable processor and bandwidth throttling deliver transparent operation for optimal end user experience
  • Continuous data protection with anytime, anywhere access via native client, web, and mobile maximize productivity
  • Intuitive self-service restore lets users get back to work quickly after data loss or switching to a new device

Automated, Centralized, Integrated

Druva inSync delivers a centralized way to protect and govern mobile data, reducing the load on IT resources.

  • Centralized administration enables IT to manage all aspects of backup for all devices
  • Automated installation and integrated mass deploymentallow rollout without user involvement
  • Global policies, alerts, and reports give IT full data visibility with the ability to easily configure and monitor backups and restores

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