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Designed for today’s mobile enterprise, inSync protects a wide range of content on a variety of endpoints and delivers the highest productivity gains for IT and the most non-disruptive and empowering end-user experience.

As fully automated PC backup software, endpoint backup protects corporate data for office and remote users. It features point-in-time restores and data deduplication technology to make backups up to 10 times faster. With 80% data duplicated across enterprise users, deduplication saves only a single copy of emails and documents resulting in over 90% bandwidth and storage savings. The scalable “Blackbird” storage engine supports up to 16TB of deduped data and over 2000 users on a single backup server. Backups are simple, secure and completely non-intrusive.

With the increased mobility among enterprises and usage of tablets, smartphones, companies no longer just depend on desktops or laptops. Here, endpoint backup allows users to access their data from mobile devices anytime, anywhere. In addition to protection capabilities, it brings up the convenience of mobility covered with data protection as well. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows 8 Phone and Blackberry.

User-Friendly Restore via Multiple Devices

With its search based, point-in-time restore feature, it allows users to search for file name or extension and quickly restore any point-in-time copy of the file. Not only for laptops or desktops, this feature is extended to smartphones and tablets for users’ convenience and keeping mobility in mind. The user, while restoring, sees a timeline view of data in form of multiple restore points. Each restore point is a full restore point and facilitates the user to restore data from any point in the past.

Data Governance

IT Administrators can now have an overview of insights into data stored and shared across the organization. Centralized administration enables you to manage all aspects of backup for all users and devices.It allows them to globally search for files across all devices to solve IT issues proactively.

Data Loss Prevention protects corporate data from breach on lost or stolen laptops, smartphones and tablets. Rest assured that corporate data is protected regardless your employees’ locations. Configurable policies let IT administrators control which apps can access data, at the same time choose from multiple methods to remove corporate data from stolen or lost devices.

– Initiate wipe-off manually or

– By pre-configured auto-delete policy, selectively wipe only corporate data on devices, leaving personal data intact.

Users can now geo-locate endpoints to see where devices are located and if necessary, remote wipe-off can be done as well to protect from data breach, especially critical when devices are lost or stolen. Precise tracking provides the geographical location within 10-20 metres with Google Maps, easily detect the last-known IP address of every device. Device encryption leverages built-in encryption technology – such as Windows Encrypting File System – for strongest data protection and prevents unauthorized users from accessing, modifying, or deleting sensitive data. Selective encryption of only necessary files and folders eliminates the need for heavy, full-disk encryption.

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Advanced Global Deduplication

Global deduplication produces smaller, faster backups by eliminating data redundancy across all users. App-aware Dedupe understands application formats to accurately determine block boundaries for deduplication and HyperCache technology enables deduplication to scale by reducing server load.

Secure File-Sharing Functionality to enhance Productivity

File sharing functionality allows users to easily share files and collaborate with each other using drag and drop of files to the shared folder. Never worry about the security – security policies include permissions to share files within and outside of organizations with link expiration, ability to share on mobile devices.

Multi-device sync ensures anytime, anywhere, any device access to shared data and external collaborators can edit and upload new versions of shared files using Web. Additional policies regulate external collaboration with password-protected links, link expiry, and view-only access. IT users can see exactly how users can share data as well as location of all shared data and sharing reports give detailed insights into sharing activity. Audit trails provide an undeletable activity record for all users, including external collaborators.

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